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Final Fantasy [Anniversary art museum] [Digital card plus]

Final Fantasy [Anniversary art museum] [Digital card plus]

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Final Fantasy [Anniversary art museum] [Digital card plus]


1 box: 20 packs

7 cards per pack ( 1 of them is a digital card NFT that can redeem on Square Enix website)

  • Normal card: 99 types
  • Another normal card: 3 types
  • Premium card: 99 types
  • Another Premium card: 3 types
  • Secret card: 3 types

 These cards can also be enjoyed digitally as "digital cards". The digital card becomes a product called NFT managed by blockchain technology and proves possession of digital data. In addition, it is possible to get any digital card from all 207 types. Just like trading cards, Square Enix will provide you with your own card collection that you can enjoy anytime on your smartphone or PC.


Release date: 03/31/2023

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