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ONE PIECE magazine Vol.14

ONE PIECE magazine Vol.14

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An entertainment magazine to enjoy "ONE PIECE" from various perspectives! The main characters in this issue are the rivals!

Appendix: Special Poster RIVALS

We approach the true faces of a total of 39 rivals and delve deeply into their various charms! RIVALS" - Rivals
Eiichiro Oda's sketch for the cover/a dream picture
Where the rivals live, as traced by Eiichiro Oda's sketches.
Special 50-page "Nami vs. Khalifa" by Boichi
Making of the gorgeous "heroine" drawn by Sayaka Suwa ONE PIECE novel HEROINES "Illustrations".
JIKIJIKI no MI" "MOCHI MOCHI NO MI" "Visual first public appearance" "DEVIL'S FEATURES Devil's Fruits

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