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ONE PIECE magazine Vol.16 

ONE PIECE magazine Vol.16 

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Contents (from the publisher)
An entertainment magazine to enjoy "ONE PIECE" to the fullest!
This issue features the 25-year history of goods!

Special appendix "ONE PIECE Card Game
Portgas D. Ace" parallel card
Original cards with illustrations by Boichi!

Figurines, cards, miscellaneous goods, games...each genre is divided into categories.
The definitive goods catalog, looking back at the history of the goods with a huge number of photos!
ONE PIECE CARD GAME: 427 kinds on sale, all at once!
World Collectible Figures: All types on sale, etc.

Cover illustrated by Eiichiro Oda / A Dream
~If Yamato were the best oiran (courtesan) in Wanokuni

Eiichiro Oda's drawing of the "game original character" is on display.

Special illustration: "Yamato" by Sayaka Suwa

The first visual release of the devil fruit eaten by Lucci and Hancock! Devil's Fruit Pictorial Book

Original novel "ONE PIECE novel ODYSSEY" by Jun Esaka/Nakamaru

Included in the book are the following

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