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Weiss Schwarz

[Weiss Schwarz] Booster Pack Hololive Production Vol.2

[Weiss Schwarz] Booster Pack Hololive Production Vol.2

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[Weiss Schwarz] Booster Pack Hololive Production Vol.2

【1 BOX16 packs

Set Contents List
Weiss Schwarz Booster Pack Hololive Production Vol.2 16-pack BOX
≪Box Special≫
1 Weiss Schwarz PR card from 15 different PR cards

Randomly enclosed.

51 talents belonging to HOLOLOLIVE PRODUCTION are included in the booster pack!

All 145 normal cards in this product have sparkling special parallel cards, so this product is also recommended for collection!

The cards are also compatible with the separately sold "HOLOLOLIVE PRODUCTION" cards, allowing you to build a deck with your favorite talents!

Number of card types
Normal: 145 + Parallel: 247
RR: 16 types
R: 35 types
U: 40 types
C: 39
CR: 5
CC: 10

Neostandard construction classification
HOLO Live Production
Can be constructed with card numbers beginning with "HOL/".

(The number of types is the total number of types for the entire production product. Since they will be randomly enclosed in the products sold, the number of purchases required to obtain all the types will vary depending on the product)

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