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Weiss Schwarz

[Weiss Schwarz] Disney CHARACTERS 10-pack BOX [Bushiroad]

[Weiss Schwarz] Disney CHARACTERS 10-pack BOX [Bushiroad]

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[Weiss Schwarz] Disney CHARACTERS 10-pack BOX [Bushiroad]

【1 BOX】10 packs

≪Box Special Offer≫
Weiss Schwarzblau PR card (1 from 5 kinds)


Randomly enclosed.

Disney characters will appear in "Weiss Schwarzblau"!

0Booster packs will include (tentative)
Mickey & Friends
Alice in Wonderland
Sleeping Beauty
The Little Mermaid
The Princess and the Magic Kiss
Rapunzel in the Tower
Sugar Rush
Anna and the Snow Queen
Moana and the Legend of the Sea
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Peter Pan
Stylish Cat
Winnie the Pooh
Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King
Lilo & Stitch
Snow White

Base rarity: RR 10 kinds, R18 kinds, N32 kinds
zParallel (planned) MKR (Mickey Rare) 1 kind, PSR (Pooh Rare) 1 kind, SP 13 kinds, DYR (Disney Rare) 20 kinds, BR 26 kinds

The contents are easy to understand for newcomers as well as those who have already been exposed to Weiss Schwarz!

BR 【Brown Rare】.
A new rarity that is guaranteed to appear from the box!
Both sides are illustrated and one side is foil-stamped, making it a highly collectible item!

Each pack contains one card with a hologram or foil stamping!

Number of cards:
Total 60 kinds + Parallel 61 kinds

Neostandard Classification
You can build a deck only with cards whose card numbers start with "DSY/".

(The number of types is the total number of types for the entire production. The number of cards required to obtain all types varies depending on the product, as they will be randomly included in the products sold)

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